Fuck Yeah Anthony Lee

He taught us a lot of things:

  1. Always try to wake up before the PM
  2. 7-11 batteries are the worst
  3. Sometimes, you have to get a sunburn before you can shoot a video
  4. You can subscribe to someone’s ass on YouTube
  5. Tessellate doesn’t mean to arrive not on time despite what Charles Nguyen says
  6. Asking your friends to dance while wearing an animal costume can get you a new gadget
  7. You don’t have to feed your fellow dancers who will be in your video if they’re your friends, they know how hard life is
  8. When Pat Cruz can’t make it, you have to reschedule
  9. Danielle Lee can’t get more than 5 seconds of air time
  10. It’s always worth reiterating that 7-11 batteries are the worst

But he also taught us some of the most important lessons:

  1. No matter your age, quitting on your dreams is never an option.
  2. Work hard, stay humble.
  3. Always, always share your passion with other people. Who knows who you might inspire.
  4. A struggling artist is still an artist.
  5. Having someone you look up to is a blessing. It means that someone is always better than you which will only push you to work harder everyday.

Happy birthday, Anthony! The team loves you so much! You will forever be an inspiration <3

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[Dance choreography of Anthony Lee & Mike Song] - “All of Me” by John Legend [De Hofnar Bootleg]


Anthony is one of my favourite dancers and his video really inspired me to do this crossover. The moves in this dance remind me of Art very much, so I couldn’t help it…(*ノ▽ノ)

pleeeeaseee watch the video, you won’t regret it (*´∀`*)

Association song: Ellie Goulding - Tessalate (Alt-J cover) 

Wait, what? This is amazing! Look, Anthony!

movement lifestyle: seattle

Always the one on the floor. Always,


Is there someone here that knows who Anthony Lee is? Because im gonna fucking meet him in like an hour and a half and I cant fucking believe it! 💃💃

How was the experience? Did you have fun meeting him.? He’s pretty cool, huh? :)

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Your questions answered and then some more.

*pretty much a bio plus a whole lot of Charlie

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